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Andrzej Gąsiorowski – selected video / wybrane wideo



Pay-Tv1Daily productions from Israel for international syndicated TV networks broadcasting to over 700 mill tv-viewers in 200 countries worldwide.

Realizacja produkcji z Izraela dla międzynarodowych sieci telewizyjnych. Transmisja dla 700 milionów telewidzów w do ponad 200 krajach na świecie



Produced by Andre Gasiorowski

Promo of Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum

Helping Hand Coalition – Global Forum • Produced by Andre Gasiorowski

Andre Gasiorowski featured worldwide by TBN

Matthew and Laurie Crouch (President of TBN) interviewing Andre Gasiorowski – Chairman of the Helping Hand Coalition. [31.05.2014]

TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) is broadcast on 70 satellites and over 18,000 television and cable affiliates to over 200 countries, reaching ca. 700 mill viewers, expanded to 95% of American households. TBN is world’s largest religious television network.

1st Helping Hand GLOBAL FORUM Conference

Jerusalem, Knesset – 1st Helping Hand GLOBAL FORUM Conference 22.11.2011 

Ceremony organized by the Knesset and the Helping Hand Coalition GLOBAL FORUM in honor of the Evangelical Christian supporters of Holocaust Survivors and Israel • Produced by Andrzej Gasiorowski

Participants:  Israeli Knesset . Prime Minister Office . Ministry of Senior Citizens . Ministry of Foreign Affairs . Ministry of Information and Diaspora . Ministry of Social Affairs . Ministry of Absorption . Ministry of Finance . Israeli Defense Forces . Holocaust Survivors Organizations.