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Manmin Church

“Manmin” means “All Creation.” Manmin Central Church offered to God its opening service with 13 people on July 25, 1982 under the scorching sun of summer. On October 10 of that year, when […]

Oscillator: Black–Scholes model

Fragment książki: “OSCYLATOR – Finansowy System Nowego Millenium” Andrzej Gąsiorowski @2016 The Black–Scholes or Black–Scholes–Merton model is a mathematical model of a financial market containing derivative investment instruments. From the model, one can deduce […]

Awards (eng)

Awards and nominations Israel State and government awards, nominations and distinctions 2016 Medal for the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster 2015 Medal for the 70th anniversary of the end of World […]

Polscy piłkarze chorym dzieciom.

nicjatorem projektu jest Sławomir Gorecki i Andrzej Gasiorowski. Zainteresowanych prosimy o kontakt bezpośrednio ze Sławomirem Góreckim – Każdego miesiąca piłki i koszulki z autografami polskich piłkarzy zostanie przekazywanych na aukcje na […]

Economy: Poland

Sources: McKinsey& Company: How Poland can become a European growth engine Bloomberg: How did a poor, gray former communist country become Europe’s most dynamic economy? Focus Economics: Poland Economic Outlook Trading economics: Poland GDP Growth Rate […]

Business Centre Club

Business Centre Club was founded in 1991 as a multilevel organization supporting enterprise in Poland. BCC is an elitist business club and the biggest private employer organization in Poland. BCC affiliates over […]