Worst air pollution ever in Jerusalem as sandstorm engulfs Mideast

Daily Israel


340 Israelis need medical treatment; satellite image shows dense cloud that led to two deaths in Lebanon. Hundreds of people in Israel were treated for respiratory problems and other weather-related ailments Tuesday as a sandstorm engulfed the region, with the cloud of dust massive enough to be seen from space. Jerusalem recorded its worst air pollution levels ever, at 173 times normal levels. In some other parts of the country, air pollution levels were at their worst for 75 years. 

“The MDA will continue to be on alert in light of the heatwave and dust storm,” MDA Director General Eli Bin said. He urged Israelis to stay indoors, warning that the storm poses a real danger to people’s health, and asked that schools keep children indoors. The dust has been making its way to Israel from Iraq and Syria over the past week.

Some 800 kilometers above the earth’s surface, NASA satellite…

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